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Self-balancing vehicle profile

Users were placed on wheels on either side of the foot after folding pedals, control center, which controls the body's acceleration and deceleration. Forward tilt is to accelerate, lean is slowed down, leaning left and right are turning. Forward tilt angle of the more powerful, faster speed, inside a series of maneuvers to ensure that it is a good balance.

Balance is the next generation of energy-saving, environmental protection, portable means of transport, to replace the buses and subways, short-distance transportation is very convenient. Self-balancing vehicle body compact, easy to carry, the lightest one of only 8.8kg. You can carry, referring to your home or Office, or directly into the car's trunk.

In the context of increasingly serious environmental pollution, self-balancing vehicles as a new environmentally-friendly means of transport, which can effectively reduce resource consumption and air pollution.

Self-balancing unicycle as a new means of transport, you can easily catch the eye and be different.