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Self-balancing vehicle configuration

Means of travel

Travel is the power balance and physical characteristics of the products of the same type, maximum speed up to 20km, 20-70km mileage can be accomplished a single charge.

Mobile video

Power balance can be combined with mobile phone, DV, camera and other equipment, using its automatic walking function, a mobile shooting platform.

APP application

Power balance can interconnect with mobile phones, mobile phone APP and can disintegrate sense driving the car and after sales information and APP can also implement features such as friends, share, while Bluetooth configuration via mobile phone Bluetooth to control the car.

Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth music through mobile phones, mobile music platform. Product features

Electric drive, a small noise: the electric balancing vehicles use lithium batteries as a power source to achieve zero emissions of carbon, and a power conversion technology, able to downhill running automatically during recharge the lithium-ion battery pack, electric energy and kinetic energy can be recycled, and due to improved motor performance, so electric balance car noise is very small.

Small size, light weight: vertically projected area the size of two pairs of slippers, small footprint and quick hands. Balance electric vehicle at around 15kg in weight, and vehicle equipped with lift rod, easy to handle carry.

Standing-driving: power balance standing-only driving the car, run by body weight and joystick control body. While you can use short handle accessory, shank control body movement, to free their hands.